Griffin Long Rifles – Scout Report
Saturday, October 9, 2021

So the TRBPS decided to send two ambassadors to the Griffin Long Rifles shoot yesterday about a week ago.  After much debate and discussion it was determined to only send one as a sacrifice to the Griffin Long Rifles as that is all we could really afford as a token of our respect.

Like the sign says …

It was concluded that if our ambassador was not returned in one week we would send the 1st cavalry unit to attempt to steal back our member.  Remember when we sent the 7th Calvary? Did not end well for us so we thought we would upgrade to the 1st.

A field report from Griffin GA. From the Travelin’ Talking Rockers.

I escaped with my scalp. What a great bunch of guys. Here is my report. Started at 10:00 ended by 1:30. They were competing for bags of fresh chicken!

They shot a national aggregate rotation which was a large single bull at 100 yards, a smaller 6 bull at 35 and 50 yards, a novelty target with murder hornet as a bonus. I must have missed something because there was a total of 25 scored shots and unlimited practice shots.

Everyone put in 15.00 bucks at the start. I thought I read that it was bench shoot but it was all off hand. I had taken my big heavy Tennessee Mt and there was no way I could have held that up for 25+ shots.

8 shooters total, all with hand made rifles. These were big time target guys. Most of the rifles looked like german jaegers. All had hooded front sites an most hand adjustable rears with peeps. One guy was wearing glasses that had all these flaps and screens.

The highest winning score was 209 out of 250. Some were in the very low 100’s and if I’d had a different rifle I think I could have got a higher score than some.

They meet the first Sunday until September. I think I’ll go again now I know what to expect. Everyone was very nice and didn’t seem to me asking lots of questions. Billy was very cool and wants to come to our club. Several of them said they would like to come. I have billy’s email if you don’t have. The boss down there is named Jim but I can’t remember his last name.

By the way the winner and runner-up are father and son and both multiple national champions.