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Club Notices

  1. Talking Rock Black Powder Shooters is recognized by our parent club, Pickens County Sportsman’s Club (PCSC). As such our organization IS FULLY COVERED UNDER the SIAI liability of PCSC. If you need a copy of the PCSC liability insurance policy one can be supplied.
  2. Social Meets are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month
  3. TRBPS Club Dues are in June
    • Make your check out to “John White C/O TRBPS
    • In the notations corner put “TRBPS DUES {the current year}”
    • The current dues amount is $40.00
  4. Trade Blanket – Buy, Sell, Trade, Barter (New)
    • MEMBERS: Remember that we will have a Trade Blanket at all monthly meets starting in 2024. Bring items you would like to sell, trade or barter. Bring your pesos too.