Independence Day Message

by John White

Independence Day Message

We at the Talking Rock Black Powder Shooters would like to thank some friends and suppliers in our little hobby on this Independence Day.

Jerry Greer over at Sharp Mountain Graphics in Jasper has helped us with finalizing our club logo design, getting us shirts and working with us these last 2 plus years. He also has helped out PCSC for many years providing the kids and volunteers with a unique shirt design each year for the Pickens County Fishing Rodeo acknowledging all the local businesses who donate and support the rodeo. We, TRBPS, have a great design on quality shirts with other products to come. Many folks admire and comment when they see them around town or even at the spring shoot in Friendship.

Teaching youth the art as our fathers taught us

Crazy Crow, yes an internet company but they donated this year 20 powder horn kits and 20 possible bag kits for a youth class at the spring national shoot in Friendship Ind. A couple of NMLRA members who have made hundreds of horns and bags donated their time and expertise to teach the class and help 20 young folks make their kits themselves. Young as in under 13 years old. One young lady was 8 or so. A simple donation to keep folks coming back and proud of what they learned and accomplished for a lifetime.

Deercreek Gun Shop, has been providing advice, goods and services for over 40 years in Marietta GA to the black powder community. Real black powder, traditional guns, raw horns, bags, knives, roundball, handguns, you name it, they got it or try during these times of diminishing supplies. We sent a TRBPS member, Chris, down to the shop recently and gave the Rabuns who have created, owned this shop for 40 years, four generations work there, a small token of our gratitude for their support. Our member Chris is wearing one of our new color shirts and the framed picture is our logo that Jerry, Sharp Mtn Graphics helped us finalize.

Special Thanks to Deercreek Gun Shop

We are a small community of black powder shooters. We are hidden and shunned many a time under the weight of modern firearms. So we support and frequent businesses that help us enjoy our hobby and advertise what we are trying to do to help us re grow our membership. We are trying to keep our hobby alive and teach history of where we have come from and what made what we have today. So to all, if you need something, support our vendors that support us and our hobby. It will keep our discipline alive for all to enjoy.

Take care all and bless everyone this holiday. For many sacrificed all so that we have what we have today.

Talking Rock Black Powder Shooters
Charter Club of the NMLRA