Muscogee Long Rifles – Scout Report
Saturday, October 9, 2021

A field report from Cataula GA. From the Travelin’ Talking Rockers.

The Muscogee Long Rifles were created in 1969 and have been at the existing location from 1974. The property is leased from a long time family in the area. The club president, HB Aderhold, lives couple hundred yards from the club. His son, daughter, family all live within a very short distance as well. They have 25, 50 and 100 yard berms and are BP only. They use cardboard like we do and a double cable system where you slide the cardboard between the cables to stand them up and the cardboard simply rests on the ground. Way back when before Columbus, GA started growing they were able to shoot anything. Growth of population became a concern for safety so went BP only. It is only 30 yards off the road but quite a few big pines help shield the range from prying eyes. Dirt floor, few benches, all right-handed except one lefty bench out in the sun. Saw that and said, self, you be shooting off hand in the shade!

Muscogee Long Rifles Firing Line

Lunch was provided as well as breakfast. Couple folks pull their campers down there and stay the weekends.

The match. Shoot 25, 50 and 100 yard NMLRA paper targets. Off hand or bench. Grey-beards, or under 75 years old categories. At 25 yards shoot a crow as well, 50 yards a groundhog as well. Relaxed, not timed and was shot over 3 days which is not normal but i believe they wanted out of the house! Over the 3 days, 30 shooters or so. 10 shots off hand and 20 shots bench. No flint or percussion categories. Shoot what you bring. Total 25 shots by around lunch. Total time there less than 4.5 hours but you can stay as long as you like.

Jon Burgess attended with me today. He shot flint, I shot percussion. Jon learned a bit about how hydrostatic BP is. That humidity down there turned a load of his into a solid pellet that would not touch off and bent the vent pics. Whoa! Pulled the ball.

So if you want to shoot a match, not worry about posted scores for all to see, have a great facility, sit in the woods on a picnic table or bring your comfy chairs, great folks to be around, easy drive, all highway but 10 miles or so with no stop lights to worry about, any kind of match you like to shoot, you better get down here by Columbus Ga. They got a meat shoot in November. that one sounds like an absolute blast. $1 a shot for a 20 lb turkey?

Map to Muscogee Long Rifles