Year End Shoot 2021

by John White
November 2021

A more older Yute*

To all, our last match and gathering for the year was just held today and what a great day for our end of season final shoot of the year. We all feel the holidays are for family and especially Thanksgiving so please enjoy the time of The Holidays. Everyone please be safe and healthy during this Holiday Season.

So we started off at about 9:00 a.m. with our usual two shooting categories, “unsupported” or off-hand as it used to be known as, and “supported” to compete in classifications for fairness as we have done in the past several shoots. We seemed to have more observers than shooters. IT WAS COLD! Started out at about 35 degrees and can sure tell the difference between sun and no sun. Folks driving in said, ’30 mile an hour wind is cold! I ain’t shooting. Too cold.‘ So no after shoot lunch for them! Ha! Warmed up nicely throughout the day with no wind and lots of good focused shooting. We do not want to exclude anyone who wants to shoot with us even if it is cold.

Not Yutes*, but have as much fun

We shot two relays, 2 with 10 shots each, patch and roundball, any caliber in these two shooting classifications supported and unsupported. The classifications did not compete against each other for prizes, just bragging rights.

A very young Yute*

First Relay:
10 shots at 50 yards, small bowling pins, simple hit or miss for points. Plus 6″ steel target plates. So 5 shots at each type of target at 50 yards. We got lots of steel and lots of different size bowling pins that we have not even shot yet. We were kinda challenged by the bowling pin tops. Small little guys as they were the tops of the bowling pins cut down to the red painted necks. Your sights pretty much covered up the pin so an added challenge to the shooters.

Second Relay:
Two targets, small running deer and six bullseye targets. Five shots each at 25 yards, small target for points. They were again tough little buggers of targets. We had to be ready to aim small miss small. We had made a simple request, DO NOT SHOOT EACH OTHER’S TARGET PLEASE was asked. Did the shooters grant our Christmas wish? Heck no! Made it tough on the scorer and he does not need the headaches it has given him!

Both relays were added together for placement within the appropriate shooting category unsupported (off hand) three shooters or supported (bench-rest, shooting sticks etc) four shooters. We did have eight observers, several who have shot in the past and one yute* shooter who embarrassed us with his abilities. Fellowship and friendship are number one for our shoots and that is the prize more so, not a token. That said the high scores for

Unsupported was by,
1) Jon B.
2) Derek

Supported was by,
1) Chris G.
2) Dennis S.
3) Doug B.

An un-named Yute* making smoke!

We finished shooting at 11:30 with only one dry ball that folks could recall and off to our after shoot debrief with a lunch in the clubhouse to celebrate the final shoot of 2021 for the TRBPS. We shared many stories and ideas for the future. Man was the potato salad and peach cobbler good. No left overs there. Cleaned up, thank you all for helping cook, clean and carry in some extra food. Done, gone, left no trace at 1:00.

So we celebrate our year 2021 season final shoot with no accidents but dry balls, shot ramrods, stuck short starters, multiple shots on others shooters targets, new friends, old friendships and lots of memories. We wish everyone a happy holiday season with friends and mostly family. Thank you for participating in our gatherings this year and we look forward to the same and better matches, new friends and rekindled friendship after the holidays. Take care all as we head home to hunker down for the winter holidays.

If you have any additional comments, please holler as i am sure we all love to hear em. Keep your eyes out for more pics of the shoot.

See ya next year
Great year, TRBPS. See you next February.

John White
Program Mgr – Talking Rock BPShooters

*‘yute’ = youth