Homeschooled children get hands-on training in the use of black powder

by Joe Collins
Saturday, March 11, 2023

Training our Youth to safely enjoy black powder firearms is an American Tradition. American Heritage Girls youth shows off her first shot.
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Braving the rather cold morning, 14 youth plus a few parents from Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls arrived at range “B” to experience a bit of history they were studying in school. The period studied covered the firearms one would expect to find from the American Revolution through the 1868 timeframe.

TRBPS volunteers – Joe Collins, Bob Witherington, Mike Westervelt, Barney Grugle and John Martin provided a variety of period firearms in various calibers and a history of their development before turning to a live fire shooting session.

Although we suffered one minor casualty with the malfunction of one flintlock from the Fur Trade era – the day was a success as deemed by the discussion held at BIG-UNS BBQ lunch.

At the end of the day the group thanked the volunteers from TRBPS and expressed the desire to come back on perhaps a warmer day and do it again with a theme……..Pirates maybe????

Enjoy the images below. Right-click > open in new tab to see a larger image.

AHG receives instruction and history lesson
AHG shoots a Hawken style .50 caliber rifle
AHG learns how the black powder is measured
Applying a cap to the percussion rifle
Impressive muzzle flash from the Hawken rifle
Not bad for a 1st shot the 1st time out
Flintlock of a Brown Bess .75 caliber smoothbore musket
Trail Life USA youth regards his very well placed shot
Trail Life USA youth tries the Colonial .50 caliber rifle
TLUSA youth fires the Brown Bess .75 caliber flintlock musket
TLUSA youth ejects the spent case from a model 1884 Trapdoor Springfield
TLUSA youth shows off his well placed shot from the Colonial flintlock
Learning the proper sequence of events when loading the Hawken rifle
All the youth from American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA Boys were quick studies and performed excellently. Lots of proud smiles.
Enjoy the approximately 20 minute video of the youth shooting these historic firearms

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