TRBPS Event: Over the log Chunk Gun

by John White

Erik’s .48 Caliber Chunk Gun
(for larger pic, right-click, open in new tab)

Today, 18 shooters, 7 observers, 1 newspaper reporter, 2 bouts of pouring rain, 1.5 hours longer shoot than normal, missing at least 8 regular shooters, visits from 2 board members of PCSC. I mean it’s like 1999 all over again.

This even may be the biggest shoot to date even with nasty weather overnight and during the shoot. We had 50% more shooters than our last year average for the entire year. I do not believe any of us could have predicted this today.

While to the dwindling number of the uninitiated, it only seems these shoots are such a three ring circus, and yet the gang pull them off in a manner that appears organized, well thought out and executed to perfection. It must be all that practice.

This controlled, methodical chaos appears so calm because you all, the gang, make it happen. Think about it, 50% more shooters than last two years average number of shooters following a day of rain and a day of projected all day rain and yet this many showed up. You handled it calmly and professionally and as far as I know everyone was thrilled with the shoot today. How is that possible? Because all of you step up, keep things rolling, know what is being accomplish each shoot. Is it the proverbial ‘method to the madness’, or does our madness have a method? Or are we just mad? Never mind!

Here’s the scoring from the Chunk Gun Event:
Prone – The Alvin York method
1st Place: Jon Burgess
2nd Place: Erik Rolle
3rd Place: Brian Palmer

Bench – 10 single targets
1st Place: Charlie Russell
2nd Place: Billy Townsend
3rd Place: Keith Heitzmann

Bench – 1 fifty-yard target
1st Place: Tim Coleman
2nd Place: Brad Thomas
3rd Place: Bob Wilson

Honorable Mention Honorable mention goes to Landon Bell for shooting the only BULLSEYE! Congratulations, Landon!

Enjoy the stills and pictures below. A video of the event is at the bottom. Comments welcome.

Chunk Gun Lineup
Erik performs maintenance on his chunk gun
Landon’s Bullseye Shot!
“Foggy Bottom Flash Pan” from Dohrman’s rifle
Brandon Grant – his smoke
Brad Thomas – his smoke
.54 caliber Yorktown
Jeff’s .54 caliber Yorktown – his smoke
At the loading bench
The fowling that collects on a flintlock’s lock in damp weather
Don Bell – his smoke
Keith Heitzmann – his smoke
Some impressive groups
Charlie Russell – his smoke
Winners of the benched large target category: Bob Wilson; Tim Coleman; Brad Thomas
Mike Lamb’s signature pan flash is insane

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