TRBPS Event – October 2022, The Pythagorean Method

by Chris Greene

Chris Greene shooting along hypotenuse at steel plates 70 yards away using Hopkins & Allen .45 caliber under-hammer percussion carbine w/ 19″ bbl. Notice the percussion cap smoke venting downward across his left hand

The next to last meet of the Talking Rock Black Powder Shooters brought in two new guests, the return of old guests and a cool, brisk morning that quickly morphed into one of the most pleasant days a shooting meet could ask for – lots of warm sun and no wind. Today’s challenge introduced more distance on our 50 yard range by utilizing the Pythagorean method. Off hand shooters simply took advantage of right angles and shot steel plates down the hypotenuse of the plane. Why not?

Charlie’s smoke. Notice the spent percussion cap flying across the plume

Also, what is very note-worthy is our sheltered loading benches have been reengineered and rebuilt to allow much more room, loading space, comfort and meandering about and we thank all those members that took their time, expertise and tool boxes to make that happen. It’s made a big difference in the joy of the black powder arts at this range.

The humble beginnings of our shooting bench and shelter way back in 2020
Our shelter and loading benches as of October 2022. Big change, lots of comfort & space

First volleys for those shooting off hand were the steel plates at 70 yards – ten shots, ten rings for ten points. The benched shooters’ first volleys were the Bulls and Deer paper targets at 25 yards – five shots per each target. Scoring depended on which ring got punched by the ball. For the second round, off hand and benched shooters traded targets. And the scoring is as follows:

1st: Billy Townsend
2nd: Chris Woodall
3rd: Chris Greene

1st: Doug Burgess
2nd: Bruce Kendall
3rd: Mike Lamb

Enjoy the images and video that follow.

Jon Burgess. His rifle.
Bobbie’s rifle. Lots o’ smoke and fire
Billy Townsend. His rifle
Bobby Witherington. His smoke
Derek’s rifled musket. U.S. Model 1841 .58 caliber
Jon Burgess flash pan at the moment of ignition
Enjoy the video of the October 2022 Event

Next month, the last of the year for TRBPS is a meat shoot. Details are forthcoming.   Check out the events section for pics and videos of this shoot and all of our other shoots and activities.

Chris Greene
Founding member of TRBPS

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