TRBPS Social Shoot & Public Relations Meet

by John White


Our complex parent, Pickens County Sportsman’s Club, PCSC, had a member meeting, cookout and fun shoot today.

We were asked and our TRBPS group volunteered to bring some fun guns and do a show and tell for the members.  So eight TRBPS members brought a small variety of firearms they have to shoot.  PCSC was worried only 10 signed up for shooting BP, 3 for pistol and limited for 22lr out of 70 who said they were coming for the food.  I said not to worry, when we crank up the smoke, smell and sounds we are the pied piper of PCSC.  10 signed up, 30 showed up!

Smiles – and a Caywood .40 caliber Rifle

Same as always folks, smiles and grins from wide eyed students. But was unusual was owwwwww, that recoil hurts! Not heard that from the young’uns in all those years.   So 30 folks got to shoot multiple guns, got to feel some recoil, got educated on the history of our fun guns and how to make em work.

Yours Truly with Tabatière “Zulu” 12 gauge

Thanks to all that helped out with the guns and fun.  Several said when is the next time.  We did some really good work today for our shooting discipline. 

Ready, Set …
Smoke & Fire from .40 caliber Caywood flintlock
.54 Caliber Hawken
More Smoke from .50 caliber Tennessee Valley flintlock
1886 Springfield conversion in .45-70

Looking forward to the next Social Gathering.


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